Absolute Thai


About Us

You’ll be guaranteed a satisfying meal and an unforgettable experience!

Absolute Thai has been established since 2014 in India providing authentic Thai food made the traditional way from recipes developed by highly experienced chefs from Thailand.

Filling the space with beautiful antique handicrafts, sculptures, paintings and plants to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to better enjoy the impeccably crafted cuisine, now located on Cenotaph Road. Its not just the food one enjoys in Absolute Thai but also a cultural experience of Thailand.

Our team’s attention to detail can be seen through Absolute Thai’s award-winning menu, including Thai signature dishes that both local and international friends and guests return for, over and over again because of Absolute Thai’s 3-fold creed:

Delicacy of Flavour:

  • Only the very freshest & cleanest quality ingredients are selected
  • Traditional Thai spice and herbal scents are rigorously preserved, assuring an authentic Thai dining experience
  • Formulation of a diverse menu with ‘something for everyone‘
  • Attention to detail by a well-trained staff for food allergy prevention, as well as any other particular requirements
The Cuisine
The Cuisine

Service Supremacy:

A truly caring and warm staff to make you feel welcome and relaxed

Charming Ambiance:

To create a beautifully elegant calm homey ‘Truly Thai Bliss‘ atmosphere where you can feel ‘at Thailand‘

Over the years we have remained true to our basic and traditional values continuing to deliver authentic and delicious Thai food. Our menu is continually refreshed and updated by consultant chefs from famous hotels in Thailand, which we specially fly in to keep our brand Absolute Thai, Absolutely Thai.

It is our aim that your visit to Absolute Thai is memorable and pleasant as we value your patronage and hope that you would continue to visit us on a regular basis.